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The 5th International Day of Yoga was celebrated in the school with a great zeal and enthusiasm by the staff and the students under the supervision of the Principal Mr. Gurjeet Singh. Mr. Varinder Noori, disciple or Yoga Icon Baba Ramdev, Yoga Specialist PTI Ms. Manisha Rani and Dance Teacher Ms. Monika Sanotra started the proceedings with normal and easy Yoga Asanas according to the protocol. It started with prayer and various Asanas beneficial for the students and staff members. Special Yoga therapy and Asanas were told to the staff members suffering from Cervical or Migraine, which has become a common problem amongst the youth today. The students and staff took a vow to do Yoga daily and remain healthy. The Principal Mr. Gurjeet Singh told that Yoga is a precious gift of ancient India and is a sign of sound mental and physical health. Yoga is a part of life and with simple activities like walking, sitting, clapping or even touching feet of our elders, one can perform Yoga. It is the most powerful and significant tool to get rid of costly medicines which result in long lasting side effects.