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Medical Check-up Camp at KC School

'The sooner a disorder is spotted and treated, the better the chance of successfully treating it'. Following the principle, KC Public School organized one- week medical check-up camp. Around 400 students of elementary to primary standard were medically examined. Dr. PH Karishnan, Medical Officer, KCGI examined the students and advised them for looking after their health.

To live a prolific and rewarding life, we need to be in good health, stated Dr. Karishnan while attending the students in medical camp. Only healthy person can rule the world of happiness, he added.

Dr. Munish Mohan Sharma, Principal, KC Public School also stressed upon the need of regular health check-up. He added that one needs to be health conscious, if he wants to get successful in his/her life. So, it is essential to get regular check up done. In this camp the ENT, dental and general check up was done for all 400 students.