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Organised Investiture ceremony in KCPublic School Pandoga

Investiture ceremony was held in KCPublic School Pandoga. Various appointments given to the students on this occasion. Worthy CEO of school's given the massage to fulfil their responsibilities with loyalty, truly and sincerely Headmistress directed to new leaders to maintain discipline inside and outside the school. Show your best in every aspect of your personality to make their school and parents proud on them. In this occasion 18 students were honours give them by their parents. They had taken oath to be disciplined and to fulfil their responsibilities with loyalty and sincerely. On this ceremony Headboy Amit Rana and Head girl Mandeep Kaur were elected. Sports captain Aakash saini and vice sports captain Riya were elected. Cultural captain Akhil and vice cultural caption Meshaw discipline captain Shubhagi vice discipline captain Daman cleanliness captain Neha and vice cleanliness captian Ankush were elected. On this occasion coordinator and staff members were present. Vice cultural captain Megha